The Dawn of the Blackwatch

Game 1: The Road to Blackwater
Sometimes killing is just about the fun.

375 XP

The party arrived at The Crossroads on Kor the 15th after traveling for three days from the Middle Kingdoms. After a fine meal, some drinks,& a bath they all retired to their rooms at The Simple Man Inn. The party’s new found canine friend curled up outside Shawna’s door for the night. During the night, the party experienced the horror of a family being butchered by four men. Even though the party realized they had the ability to effect the outcome they only managed to save two of the children from being killed.

The next day the party traveled to the town of Newblessing where they were guests at the wedding of William Goodhope and Gwendolyn Shell. After the ceremony the wedding festivities were interrupted by the arrival of an ogre being pursued by a pack of grey wolves. After defeating the ogre and the wolves the party rescued several towns folk including Gwendolyn Shell from a burning barn. Upon investigation, the party realized the ogre had been severely wounded by something other than the wolves. They also realized the wolves all had collars and were not wild.

The party followed the tracks of the ogre and wolves back towards Hargath’s Wood where they found the remains of 4 other ogres being eaten by 6 fire beetles. After killing the beetles the party found that these ogres had also been slain by some other, unknown creature.

The tracks continued into Hargath Wood where the party encountered a Goblin patrol. In the ensuing fight the party fought well together to easily defeat their foe despite the Goblin Skullcleaver’s dealing tremendous damage with their axes. The party made camp for the night and were shortly joined by Shawna and the dog.

Troll vs wild goblin dogs by targete d3c030g


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