The Dawn of the Blackwatch

Game 3: More Than Just an Ogre's Lair

460 XP

Having discovered where the ogres had come from the party quickly dispatched the goblin force occupying the caves. With the battle over, the heroes set to questioning the two enemy survivors in hope of getting some insight as to who or what actually killed the ogres. The goblin, Glack, babbled fearfully about, “the shadow killer” and how it could be anywhere. As Glack’s fear began building it became obvious that he was about to do something desperate and he was dispatched. The party next turned to the bugbear, Mobesh. Mobesh told them that he didn’t know where the “shadow killer” was Although he seemed to be telling the truth, the party sensed he was withholding information. He also told them how the Goblin Hexer named Tellek talked of treasure on the other side of the rockslide. The party was unsure of what to do with Mobesh but Avrennieth brought him to the cave entrance and released him with the warning that their next meeting would most likely end differently. The party then explored the rest of the cavern complex. Clearing the rockslide revealed part of an ancient underground complex where the river continued down a giant pit located before a huge double door. Vox quickly dispatched a horde of slimes when his magic was greatly intensified by the many glyphs in the room. Gloin ventured down the pit and found the river continued deeper into the ground through a thin but wide crevice. He also found a powerful magic necklace and a simple wooden door bearing a set of symbols.
As Gloin made this discovery below, the rest of the party witnessed the corpse of the goblin float down the river to the top of the pit where it animated. In a woman’s voice it spoke to the party.

“When you find what you have sought.
What you seek you have not.
Then you must return to me.
The heart will serve to be your key.”

The group realized that there was no apparent way to pass through either the simple wooden door or the ornate double doors and continued to search the caverns. They found a secret door, which led to the burial chamber of some humanoid. After, once again, relying on the subtle skills of the party’s rogue, Gloin, to ‘disarm’ the trap the party found several magic items. Here too, was a door that could not be opened. Despite the unanswered questions of the ancient complex the group decided it was time to leave. Throughout all of this, several of the party members felt the urge to make decisions and move forward to more heroic deeds. Many of the party thought that the magic necklace was actually speaking to them but upon reflection EVERYONE agreed that there was no actual speaking but rather a feeling of guidance urging the party to take action. The party started to return to Newblessing but was ambushed on the way by a group of Red-Leg raiders, a goblin, and the bugbear, Mobesh. Mobesh acknowledged Avrennieth and then left the battle without aiding his allies. Despite the human slaves unusual psychic connections the partty quickly defeated the ambushers and ONLY THE GOBLIN AND HIS TWO WOLVES MANAGED TO ESCAPE. The party began tracking the group but soon was unable to continue and decided to rest for the evening. After an uneventful night the heroes pack up and resume the hunt.

Game 2: The Ogre's Lair
Who or what killed the ogres?

430 XP

The party continued to follow the tracks of ogres, goblins,and wolves deeper into Hargath’s wood. At one point another print was found. Just the single footprint of a large unidentified humanoid. The tracks led to a cave entrance located behind a waterfall. Outside the entrance the party encountered a goblin guard which they defeated after a brief combat. Upon entering the cave, Gloin quickly disarmed a crude pitfall trap with his body and somehow avoided alerting the sentry. Inside the cave the party encountered a group of goblins led by a goblin hexer in some sort of discussion with an orcish Red Leg Raider. The party struck first and quickly took the orc and several goblins out of the fight. The goblin hexer withdrew deeper into the caves casting his Vexing Cloud. The party pursued and the commotion disturbed swarms of rats which attacked them. The hexer continued it’s withdrawal and was joined by a bugbear strangler which came out of hiding prematurely thanks to Vox’s flaming sphere. The hexer was killed and the bugbear grabbed Gloin and tried to save himself with the promise of treasure but was demolished by Avrennieth who struck, not one but two, vital areas on the creature. As the sound of combat dies down the heroes find themselves next to a rushing underground stream in a room that was used as a latrine for the ogres. One goblin lies unconscious.

Game 1: The Road to Blackwater
Sometimes killing is just about the fun.

375 XP

The party arrived at The Crossroads on Kor the 15th after traveling for three days from the Middle Kingdoms. After a fine meal, some drinks,& a bath they all retired to their rooms at The Simple Man Inn. The party’s new found canine friend curled up outside Shawna’s door for the night. During the night, the party experienced the horror of a family being butchered by four men. Even though the party realized they had the ability to effect the outcome they only managed to save two of the children from being killed.

The next day the party traveled to the town of Newblessing where they were guests at the wedding of William Goodhope and Gwendolyn Shell. After the ceremony the wedding festivities were interrupted by the arrival of an ogre being pursued by a pack of grey wolves. After defeating the ogre and the wolves the party rescued several towns folk including Gwendolyn Shell from a burning barn. Upon investigation, the party realized the ogre had been severely wounded by something other than the wolves. They also realized the wolves all had collars and were not wild.

The party followed the tracks of the ogre and wolves back towards Hargath’s Wood where they found the remains of 4 other ogres being eaten by 6 fire beetles. After killing the beetles the party found that these ogres had also been slain by some other, unknown creature.

The tracks continued into Hargath Wood where the party encountered a Goblin patrol. In the ensuing fight the party fought well together to easily defeat their foe despite the Goblin Skullcleaver’s dealing tremendous damage with their axes. The party made camp for the night and were shortly joined by Shawna and the dog.

Troll vs wild goblin dogs by targete d3c030g


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