Wil ‘Bloody’ Hardby

Wil ‘Bloody’ Hardby - Warlord


Wil ‘Bloody’ Hardby

Human Warlord 1
Background – Military
Bravura Presence
Battlefront Warlord

Wil is a tall thin human with sinewy muscles, 5 o’clock shadow, and a military presence. He is a dry straightforward person who tends to demands a lot out of his teammates.


Born Wilhem Bormir Hardby, son of Gunther “Gunny” Hardby, he earned the nickname “Bloody” due to amount of blood usually spilled (his own and other’s) in his fights since he was a youth. His father, a drill sergeant in the King’s army, instilled the martial way in Wil at a young age. Around the age of ten, during a massive thunderstorm, Wil’s town was laid ruin by a goblinoid army lead by a Hobgoblin who slew his father. Wil took his father’s sword and wounded the Hobgoblin and was able to escape to a nearby dwarven enclave where his father had always told him to go in case there was trouble and to search out Thorin Oakenshield. The dwarves took a liking to Wil and nicknamed him “Bloody” after a scuffle with a dwarf boy. A dwarf by the name of Glorfin Blackhammer took in Wil and continued his martial education. For several years ‘Bloody’ trained with Glorfin then joined the King’s army and, like his father, became a drill sergeant. Now his service to the king is over and he seeks out his own adventure, and perhaps a few hobgoblins.

Wil ‘Bloody’ Hardby

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