The Dawn of the Blackwatch

The Dawn

The  Knights of the Greenbridge stand guard over the entrance to Blackwater “Proper” and watch as the first rays of Pelor’s Blessing cut through the darkness. As the sun reflects off the Black Church of Pelor the building transforms from a black silhouette to a brilliant beacon of Pelor. The heroes look over the ivy covered bridge and, with the light of the rising sun, survey the site of the night’s battles. Goblin bodies lay strewn about, their red blood contrasting with the vibrant green of the bridge’s plant life.

“For most, the dawn signals the beginning of things,” Amon Trasks’s voice is weak but still demands attention. "but not for a Knight of The Greenbridge. For us it signals the end of our watch. A time to take pride in another night of performing a duty that has existed for centuries. A duty that has been carried out by some of the greatest heroes in history. A duty that I have performed for 17 years without ever having to draw blood. Never before have I been tested on the the Greenbridge and if it weren’t for you I would have failed. Fate has deemed you all to be important. Your paths have a led you here for a purpose. Know this. Whatever challenge the light of Pelor may reveal in the next moments, you have been successful in your duties as Knights of the Greenbridge. Whatever fate has decided for us all, you have shown yourselves to be heroes worthy of a place in history.”

As the light of the morning sun increases the party can see movement in “the Downbridge.” Quickly the sounds of marching feet and yelled orders give clarity to situation. The party watches as an army marches towards the Greenbridge. With the sun rising behind them the silhouettes of hundreds of goblins can be seen as they move forward with military precision. Commands are shouted and the ranks form just out of bow range. As the sun continues to rise the light glistens off the weapons and armor of the, predominantly hobgoblin, army. Dozens of standards blow in the wind and finally the light of the sun moves high enough to show more than just shadows.  The standards bear the symbol of a bloody, clenched, armored, fist in front of a golden, three fingered talon. Shawna speaks softly, “I remember those symbols from my studies at the abbey. They are both symbols of the god Bane. Though I have never seen them together before.”

 "I have," Wil’s voice struggles to suppress the rage. “When we were defending the abbey of Erathis outside of the King’s Wall. I told you how those bastard goblins were raping and eating people, all out of control. Well, come that last battle there was a group of hobgoblins that seemed to be there to check up on the situation. They were different. All business. They were professionals and they all bore that symbol. It was one of them that took out Captain Darksword. When I reported it the scouts, they said that it was the sign of the Crimson Fist. They said that it was one of the larger goblin units and that it was led by an enormous hobgoblin named Warlord Tormund Dread …”
Vox completes Wil’s statement, “who wears bronze platemail and rides a behemoth?”
“Yeah, you heard of him?”
“No, but I can see him,” and with that Vox points to the opposite side of the Greenbridge where a lone figure dressed in bronze platemail riding a bronze armored behemoth purposefully approaches. He halts on the far side of the bridge and in a booming, guttural, voice that must be magically enhanced, addresses the party.
General by gabahadatta
“Defenders of the Greenbridge. You have shown yourselves to be true warriors and soldiers. You have stood your ground against overwhelming odds and even defeated one of my champions. You have done more than any could have expected of you and you should  basque in the blood of your enemies. Your warrior spirits are worthy of Bane’s attention and as a disciple of the Iron General, I grant you the gift of his favor. For your skill in battle, I offer you free passage through my army. In exchange for my captain I will allow you to keep as much of my personal share of the plunder of Blackwater proper as you can carry on your person. You may take one squire, concubine, or slave with you. You have 1 hour to gather your gear and claim your plunder. May your enemies tremble as you walk in Bane’s favor.”

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