The Dawn of the Blackwatch

The Bridge Burns

(All PCs are at 5500 XP. Welcome to 5th level.)

Your attention is drawn to the Greenbridge and what appears to be an energy forming on it. You realize that this energy is coming from Avrennieth who is kneeling with his hand on the bridge.
Amon Trask’s voice resounds from him and drowns out the sounds of the Crimson Fist’s drums:
Stand tall Knights of the Greenbridge. Your watch has ended but there is no rest for you yet. Stand proud Knights of the Greenbridge and know that this moment has been foreordained. Stand fearless Knights of the Greenbridge and know that bards will sing of this moment for years to come. Stand exalted Knights of the Greenbridge and know that this moment has been eons in the making. Stand with no remorse Knights of the Greenbridge and know that this moment is our last.
He staggers to his feet and then kneels.
Behind him Bertram Hale yells:
Get off the Greenbridge now!
Vox kneels, places his right hand on the bridge and gives the one finger salute to the hobgoblins with the other
Shawna grasps her holy symbol, kneels, places a hand on the greenbridge, turns her head skyward. “Melora, give us the strength to protect these good people from this evil. Guide us to victory over those that have desecrated all the gifts that you have bestowed upon us.” Shawna closes her eys and continues to pray.
Gloin takes a big gulp from his mug. Gets down on a knee, places his everflowing keg in his left hand and holds the keg to the bridge. He then holds his right hand to the bridge and says.
“This bridge can have my energy or my ale. I know what I would take if I were the bridge. I would take both.”
The assembled group hears the familiar scrape and clank of heavy armor as Thorfin kneels and lays the palm of his sword hand on the surface of the ancient bridge:
“For whatever is to happen this day, may the all-seeing Mistress grant us the strength and grace to face it with eyes open and inquisitive…”
Wil looks proudly at his team that has willingly chosen to give all. He pulls his horn from his belt and blasts loudly the notes that would single a rallying point. Then with a smile on his face, he kneels on the great bridge. “You are the one who has made the rash decision Dread”, he whispers as his hand goes through the flowing water to cool surface of the ancient tree.
Bullet kneels and places his hand upon the green bridge
The Greenbridge accepts your sacrifice and for a brief moment your body feels intense pain. Your hand seems to fuse with the plant life on the bridge and you feel your senses extending outward from you and the bridge. Behind you Bertram Hale and some of the other citizens of the Proper flee from the bridge and look back at you with fear and awe. From the other side of the bridge you hear Tormund Dread command, “Stop them now. Archers, concentrated fire on the bridge.” You are aware of the bowstrings being pulled taught and the release of 100 arrows all targeted for you. You are also aware of the green flames that are spreading up your arm and over your body. You can feel no pain but from eyes other than your own you witness the flames beginning to burn your clothes and your skin as they spread from you back on to the Greenbridge and begin to set it ablaze. Tormund Dread hoists his spear and begins to charge forward towards you. You hear a strange thudding noise and realize that it is the sound of arrows piercing your flesh. As your bodies weaken you are aware of hundreds of others making this sacrifice with you. The flame spreads rapidly and the Greenbridge is quickly engulfed in the green flame. Tormund Dread attempts to retreat but his mount cannot escape the flame and the warlord is thrown as the behemoth bucks in pain. The beast screams as it’s flesh is burned from its body. Tormund Dread manages to get to safety and watches as the bridge begins to fall and the Knights of the Greenbridge begin to fall with it. You still feel no pain but watch with an almost removed interest as your bodies appear to be consumed with the fire. Your gear begins to fall from you and plummet through gaps in the bridge to the surf and rocks below. You sense others, near and far, as they share this sacrifice with you. You can feel the feelings of the different races, professions, and alignments. You are unsure of what lies ahead but you have complete confidence that you have made the right choice and have altered the fate of Erath. Amon Trask’s voice is the last thing you are aware of, “You have done well. You are no longer bound to your oath. The Knights of the Greenbridge are no more.” Then there is nothing but darkness.
As you awaken the first sensation you have is that of water all around you. Water rushes around your feet as you try to keep your footing on jagged rocks. Water falls on you from above with enough force to drive you to your knees. It is difficult to see because of the spraying mist as well as the water in your eyes and the green glow that is rapidly fading. Your bodies feel fatigued but there is no pain and you don’t appear to have any wounds. You struggle out from under the falling water barely avoiding slipping on the rocks and try to get your bearings. The green glow is gone and as you look up you can see daylight far above you but all around you is blackness. As your eyes adjust you remember the burning of the Greenbridge and you realize that you are at the bottom of the Scar. The tide is coming in and sea water is rapidly rising around you. The water falling on you is the Godstream. Now that the bridge is gone the stream of healing water has become a waterfall that mimics the the Godspring Falls, the site of the Ordeal of the Tides. Across from you on the other side of the Scar you see the burnt corpse of Tormund Dread’s behemoth twisted amongst the rocks. Your possessions are scattered about around you and as you gather them up you realize that you need to get out of here before the tide rises much higher and batters you against the jagged rocks. Suddenly from the mist of the falls, Amon Trask’s body emerges being carried by the air elemental. Thorfin’s voice is barely heard above the waters, “He had nothing left within him to give!” You immediately understand that Amon gave his last bit of life to the Greenbridge. Although it has no real features to speak of you sense a sadness from the elemental as it points down the Scar. It is motioning you to move in the direction it points. You start to move as quickly as possible and as you look back the body of Amon is lifted up toward the top of the Scar. Bullet gains your attention and points out what appears to be a small path following the base of the cliff. The water continues to rise but you push yourselves and discover a narrow stairway carved into the side of the obsidian cliff. As you ascend the light of Pelor grants you vision and you notice a difference among the members of your group. There is a change that can only be described as a maturity or in military terms a veteran quality that has come over you all. You then notice the “tattoo” that has been “burned” into your skin. It is jet black and covers the hand you placed upon the Greenbridge and on some of you continues up your arm and onto your body. You make it to the top of the cliffs and find yourself in a military guard post building in Blackwater Proper about half way down the Scar.


Blackwatch Blackwatch

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