The Dawn of the Blackwatch

Game 8: The Rescue

The Greenbridge is no more.

800 XP
(All PCs are at 6300 XP.)

The party finds the rest of the townsfolk meeting in Farraget Cane’s office discussing the fate of Blackwater Proper. Hobgoblin archers have positioned themselves across the Scratch and fire upon anything that moves. The heroes are told that The Blackwater Mines still contain a supply of obsidian blocks that can be used to fill the gaps in the wall and provide cover for the people of the Proper. The party meets with Arioch Greyhand who informs them that the windmill mechanism is still in working order and that he believes the obsidian blacks are still accessible despite the cave in. He warns that no one has been down in the mines for 40 years and even though he doubts the mines are haunted he still thinks it could be dangerous. After the meeting Warlord Tormund Dread again addressed the town. This time he has over 100 townspeople with him. He demanded the “Scutter Chain” be lowered or he would kill hostages. He gave the heroes until morning to decide.

That night the party climbed the cliffs of “The Scratch” and moved upon the Black Church of Pelor to rescue the hostages. When the rescue began, Trellen Howe armed himself and told Bullet and Shawna to come with him. The rest of the group escorted the townspeople to the Scratch where Arioch Greyhand used an item to create a bridge. As the townspeople crossed the party defended them against a Crimson Fist strike force. The party moves to cross back to the Proper before the main force of the Crimson Fist arrive.


Blackwatch Blackwatch

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