The Dawn of the Blackwatch

Game 7: Hold the Greenbridge

Against all odds.

800 XP
(All PCs are at 3867 XP. Welcome to 4th level.)

After failing twice to take The Greenbridge the goblin horde sent one of their beastmasters and his creatures against the heroes. After Avrennieth took the Hell Hound out of the battle the party turned to face a horde of Drakes and two goblin Barghests. Despite the ferocity of the beasts and the shape-shifters the party easily dispatched their foes. Unfortunately during the battle Amon Trask was struck down by an abomination known as an Astral Stalker. This creature proved to be the same one that was responsible for killing the ogres the party had come upon earlier. Even though Amon’s wounds were grievous he still held on to life and at the end of the battle the party was given time to rest and prepare for the next assault.Abyssal stalker
The next assault came just before dawn. This time the unit moved with military precision and was led by a Hobgoblin chieftain dressed in plate armor and wielding a spiked chain. Although the chieftain fought with the power of many men and his unit obviously had fought together for some time they were no match for the Knights of the Greenbridge. The chieftain, who was called Kragen, was taken prisoner and his troops were defeated. Against all odds and expectations the
party was able to fulfill their QUEST to hold the Greenbridge until dawn.


Blackwatch Blackwatch

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