Character Creation

The campaign will be a ‘home-base’ style game centered around the small town of Blackwater. I anticipate the Heroic Tier adventures being approximately 40% Dungeon, 40% wilderness, and 20% city. The Paragon Tier adventures will most likely have a greater percentage of city and wilderness components. The campaign will begin with the characters at the end of a 5 day caravan trip either visiting or returning to Blackwater.

The Pantheon will be from the PHB.

For character creation we will be using
Method 1: Standard Arrays (Rules Compendium version p. 77)
Method 2: Customizing Scores (PHB1 p. 17)

You are allowed to choose any general background.

All Classes from the PHB1, PHB2, & PHB3 will be allowed.

All Races from the PHB1 & PHB2 will be allowed. Dragonborn, Devas, and Shifters are rare in the campaign area. The Dragonborn have an Eastern kingdom with a feudal Japan theme (Samurai & Shogun). Shifters primarily come from Nomadic bands in the Southern steppes. Otherwise, humans are the major race with the PHBs take on ‘common’ races being about right,

Races from the PHB3 require DM approval.

All other Core material is approved including the new Essentials Rules

Character equipment is standard. Each character may pick one 1st level magic item as long as they provide an in-game story for how their character received the item.

Additional Starting XP or GP opportunities:
100 XP or GP For a character History that fits the chosen character background (General Only)
100 XP or GP For creating an NPC that your character could develop some kind of relationship with as the game progresses. Don’t create a character sheet, just a concept.
100 XP or GP For creating in game relationships with other PCs. This can be from your past or even just from the 5 days spent together on the caravan.
100 XP or GP for ‘imagery laden descriptions’ of your PC’s powers, abilities, & feats. ie. Describe how your Warlock’s Shadow Walk ability manifests. Describe what your Cleric’s Healing Word feels like to its target.

You should also write a wish list for magic items. This should include at least 2 items from each level up to 10th.

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Character Creation

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