Talon of Predatory Focus

A large bear talon closely inscribed with mystic symbols that aid concentration and focus, set in a gold socket and hanging on a gold chain.


Magic Ki Focus +1
Level: 1
Cost: 360 gp


This inscribed bear talon seems to hum slightly and vibrate with its own inner energy when held. Contemplating the symbols while resting seems to heighten concentration and awareness, but the bearer’s view of the world becomes tinged with the sensibilities of a predator seeking prey.

Given to Avrennieth by his master upon the completion of his training, the talon has personal significance to Avrennieth beyond the power of its enchantment, as it was taken from the claw of a bear that nearly killed him, the bear that he sought out while trying to prove himself a student worthy of the master’s time.

Avrennieth’s master hinted that in time, and with proper meditation and focus, the Talon’s true power might eventually reveal itself, but that day has not yet come.

Talon of Predatory Focus

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