Gloin, Protector of things Good


Gloin, level 3
Dwarf, Fighter
Build: Great Weapon Fighter
Fighter: Combat Superiority
Fighter Talents: Two-handed Weapon Talent
Background: Geography – Mountains (+2 to Athletics)

Str 20, Con 12, Dex 13, Int 10, Wis 13, Cha 8.

AC: 18 Fort: 19 Reflex: 13 Will: 13
HP: 39 Surges: 10 Surge Value: 10

Endurance +9, Heal +7, Athletics +13

Acrobatics +2, Arcana +1, Bluff, Diplomacy, Dungeoneering +4, History +1, Insight +2, Intimidate, Nature +2, Perception +2, Religion +1, Stealth +2, Streetwise, Thievery +2

Level 1: Dwarven Weapon Training
Level 2: Weapon Expertise (Axe)

Fighter at-will 1: Cleave
Fighter at-will 1: Reaping Strike
Fighter encounter 1: Steel Serpent Strike
Fighter daily 1: Brute Strike
Fighter utility 2: Pass Forward
Fighter encounter 3: Sweeping Blow


Before Humans knew what a Dwarf truly was, there were fantastic imaginations about them. Some described Dwarves as goofy, grumpy, happy, hungry, or lazy. The truth about the dwarves that Gloin grew up with is that they work hard and they play hard. Gloin would best be described as Happy. Gloin was only ever average for a Dwarf when it came to most crafting skills. Crafting is what most Dwarves excel at. His best friend Flint was the son of a weapon crafter. Gloin, like any other kid without fine skills, was pushed into the military. Over the years he got to spend less time with his buddy and when they did get together they found that they didn’t have much in common anymore.
Gloin eventually got to go out on training missions. One day when he got back, he was drinking ale in a common room when Flint came to see him. Gloin naturally offered up ale to Flint and asked him to sit down. Flint sat and told Gloin that Flint’s father Flange was on a trade mission on a caravan that Gloin’s father Greave was protecting. The caravan got ambushed by Orcs. All of the Dwarves in the caravan were killed except one. The one was sent back bruised, battered, and beaten to tell the story and warn the Dwarves to stay out of Orc country. Gloin and Flint drank together that night and celebrated their father’s lives. Flint and Gloin weren’t the type of Dwarf that became bitter about it. They both missed their fathers. But, the event wasn’t going to ruin them. They did take note of the warning and the description of the Orc band.
Through training Gloin became a strong, athletic warrior that became fond of using an axe two handed. He eventually moved into a unit with a hardnosed human named Wil. Gloin wasn’t too sure about how he felt working with a human. But, at the end of the day, Gloin had a good workout and got to enjoy some ale.
After being together for a month, the new unit was on a training mission when they were ambushed. Three Dwarves fell before anyone could act. These Orcs had the same markings that the band that killed his father had. Gloin stayed cool when he got to act. He picked a path to the band leader and made a tactical charge. He loosened his grip on his big axe and relaxed as he put the axe right in the Orc leader’s chest. The Orc was hurt but confident Gloin was not a threat. Before the Orc knew it, Wil was standing right next to him and looked at Gloin. “Hit him again, Gloin”. Gloin wasn’t sure why. But he was sure that he could lift that axe and deliver another blow before the Orc had a chance to step aside. Gloin naturally responded with “Sure thing, boss” and effortlessly cut a hole in the Orc’s side. The Orc had blood pouring out his side before he knew what had hit him. Now, the leader was in trouble. He raised his own Great Axe and landed a solid blow on Gloin’s shoulder. Gloin all of a sudden had blood spurting everywhere including into Wil’s face. Gloin quickly returned fire with a 10 to 4 cut across the Orc’s chest. Gloin reached deep within himself and spun the axe back around with agility that you can only bring once in a great while. He ripped a 2 to 8 cut so fast the Orc never even realized he had a big X on his chest. Wil looked at Gloin and barked at him. “Stop Bleeding and FINISH HIM!!!” Gloin raised him arms and the felt himself control the wound in his shoulder. As he effortlessly sliced through the Orc, who immediately slumped to the ground, he let out a simple “OK Boss”. The rest of the Orcs ran off quickly after seeing their leader go down so quickly from just one Dwarf attacking.
The squad picked themselves up and Gloin and Wil bandaged those who were hurt. They went back to the clan to report the activity. Rumor spread quickly and that night Flint met Gloin and Wil for a drink. They raised glasses to their fathers again that night.
Gloin’s unit was held back until some spots could be replaced. After a week, Flint brought a special axe to Gloin in the common area. “Gloin, I made this execution axe for you as a symbol of our celebration of our fathers’ lives. I was inspired when I made it and was able to imbue it with magic.”
Soon Wil got impatient waiting for the unit to be replenished. He told Gloin he was leaving. Gloin just responded “Where are we going, boss? Can you wait long enough for me to put together some ale to bring?”


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