The Dawn of the Blackwatch

Game 4: The Broken Tower

Hesitation is for wimps.

600 XP

The party awoke to bright sunshine and decided to continue tracking the goblin and his wolves. Thorfin, being concerned for the safety of Newblessing thought it best to return. The remaining heroes followed the tracks to an old, ruined tower. The tower appeared to have been abandoned for at least 50 years and the woods were slowly creeping in on what was once a clearing. Some of the group recalled stories of bandits led by a religious man that dwelled in Hargath’s wood long ago. The top 2 or 3 floors of the tower had fallen and the stone that comprised them was scattered around the ground and the remaining 3 floors. The old wooden doors to the tower appeared to be propped up to allow entrance to the tower but obscured vision into it.
As the party quietly approached the tower they could hear the guttural arguing of several humanoids and see the flicker of torch light from within. Vox sent his arcane companion to scout the tower and although the falcon found no other entrance it did get the attention of something on the top floor. With a silent nod Wil motioned to Gloin and the party jumped into action. Gloin cleared the doorway as Wil quickly assessed the room and guided Gloin into establishing a tactical foothold and followed him in. Vox and Bullet moved to the door and provided support in the form of flying steel and an arcane orb of deadly flame. Shawna called upon the healing waters of Melora and provided the party with her divine protection. Averrenieth watched the woods in case any goblins were waiting outside to strike from the rear. The room was filled with goblins under the command of a Hobgoblin warrior. Despite the Hobgoblin’s leadership and the goblin’s numbers the heroes battle prowess proved to be too great. Before all the goblins were slain one managed to strike a gong, apparently to signal an attack upon the tower.
Fearing they might lose their tactical advantage the group charged up the tower stairs with Vox’s flames and Shawna’s protection giving them great courage. When they reached the 2nd floor it was obvious that the goblins had prepared this floor to prevent intruders from going any farther. As Gloin entered the room, piles of bones immediately began to form into skeletons of dead goblins. Even as Gloin threw himself at the vile undead, Vox attacked with his flames and the two of them destroyed the 5 skeletons. The next threat to arise was in the form of goblin archers who had concealed themselves at strategic points in the shadows of the room. Despite the danger Wil attempted to cross the sagging floor only to plummet 20’ to the 1st floor, still shouting orders to Gloin as the floor collapsed beneath him. Suddenly the room was filled with a black shadow that weighed heavy on the heroes hearts even as they continued forward. The goblin hexer that cast the spell was atop a 10’ platform along with several archers. But the magic of Avrennieth’s necklace was still inside the tower with the group even though he remained outside. With this magic several of the party were able to teleport themselves up to the platform and, true to the day, end the threat quickly. The thrill of battle and victory still coursing through their veins the heroes rushed blindly upward to the top floor.
As they reached the, now, top floor of the tower the heroes were once again bathed in the light of Pelor. The brief relief provided by the sun was quickly tempered by the realization that the southern half if the room was, basically, open to the 40’ fall to the ground below. The rest of the room was occupied by the goblin and wolves they were tracking plus 2 rather large bugbears. Sticking to the bold, bordering on reckless, strategies that had gotten them this far the party set to work. Once again Vox’s fire, still burning, crashed into the midst of the enemy while Wil guided Gloin, almost wielding him like a 250 lb ball of death, into the fray. Luckily Vox’s keen eyesight noticed a deadly trap in the middle of the room so none of the heroes fell victim to the pitfall. Bullet also moved to the front line and engaged the enemy with his sword and Shawna continued to harry the enemy while aiding her allies. At one point a goblin lept from the shadows to strike at Vox but did little to harm him. True to the day the enemies fell and the heroes stood. Although many wounds had been dealt the healing of Shawna and the inspiration of Wil were more than enough to keep everyone battle ready.
As the sun shines down through the open roof, the party finally stops to catch their breath and survey their surroundings.


well written!

where da treasure at?


Game 4: The Broken Tower
Blackwatch Blackwatch

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