The Dawn of the Blackwatch


Three figures move quietly through the shadows toward a partially lit building. The silhouettes of two hobgoblin guards can be seen in front of the door. “Bullet, cover us.” Trellen Howe crouches low and moves forward with Shawna following behind him. “Who…?” an arrow pierces the hobgoblin’s throat before he can finish and a second arrow follows immediately killing the other guard just as quickly. Trellen opens the door and motions for Shawna to wait as he moves inside. There is a brief clash of metal followed by a grunt and the sound of a body hitting the floor. “Shawna quickly!” As Shawna enters the room she avoids the rapidly expanding pool of blood as she steps over the third hobgoblin guard and follows Trellen into a back room. An elderly woman looks up startled but recognition lights in her eyes as she looks at Trellen Howe, “Jasper? How can you possibly be here?” “No time for stories now Magda. How is he?”
“He’s dying you damn fool!”
“Not unless Melora demands it. Please step aside.”
The woman begins to protest but seems to understand Shawna is there to help. Shawna’s hands flare with the cool healing light of her goddess and touches the unconscious young boy.
“He will live.”
“Not unless we get him out of here. Quickly! Move!”
Trellen picks up the boy and moves out the back door. As he exits the building he hears a snarl from above as a goblin leaps from the rooftop only to fall with a loud thud as Bullet sends an arrow through his heart. “There are more coming,” Bullet whispers. The group moves into the darkness and heads toward The Proper. They arrive just as the rest of the party is preparing to cross. Vox looks at the group, “Glad you could join us. Did you have a good time?”
“Always!” Trellen winks, “You best be going. Looks like things are about to get complicated. I’m sure I’ll see you soon enough.”
“Where the hell are you going?” Wil asks.
“I have no intentions of stranding myself with the likes of you. I’ve got important business to take care of.” He turns and begins to run off parallel to the Scratch. The boy stirs and still half unconscious calls out, “Jasper!” as his eyes open slightly Trellen yells back over his shoulder,
“Don’t worry Your Highness. You are in good hands!”


oh ho! we got what you call ‘leverage’! :-)

Blackwatch Blackwatch

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