The Dawn of the Blackwatch

Game 9

Centipedes & Rodents & Trolls, Oh My!

650 XP
(All PCs are at 6950 XP.)

The party sets out into the depths of the Blackwater Mines in an attempt to try and repair the lift and bring stone blocks to the surface. Avrennieth remains behind to aid his sister in caring for the rescued villagers. Kaleb Brighthammer accompanies the party to work on fixing the lift. As the party descended the ladder into the mines they were attacked by swarms of centipedes and rats. They also discovered the bottom of the ladder had been trapped. After fighting off the swarms the party began to search the mine while Kaleb went to work on the lift. The party soon encountered not one but two trolls that had fled into the mine and quickly destroyed them. As the party explored the mines they found several small obsidian carvings of differing qualities as well as plenty of rough cut stones to repair the wall above. The party soon found a secret door that led to a series of crawl spaces leading into the mines. These crawl spaces along with the centipedes and rats led the party to believe they were entering a temple devoted to Torog, The King that Crawls. After battling several weak wraiths the party realized that the crawlspace was the refuse pit for obsidian pieces from the surface.


Blackwatch Blackwatch

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