The Dawn of the Blackwatch

Game 10

The Torturer's Lair

790 XP
(All PCs are at 7740 XP. Welcome to 6th level!)

As the party continued deeper into the apparent temple of Torog they encountered a cavern that seemed to be formed from a cave-in. Within it were 3 ghouls who had been chained to a wall and on unconscious obese human tied to a post. The chains prevented the ghouls from reaching the “food” which has driven them even more insane than usual. (The party later learned that the medallions worn by the three ghouls identified them as Leopold, Morgan, & Julian Tassim. Three brothers who had been lost in the cave-in 50 years earlier. The collapsed obsidian also was haunted by several skeletons of miners who had been crushed by the cave in. The undead were killed but, unfortunately, the prisoner could not be saved. In the next cavern the ghost of a small boy (who turned out to be the boy Joshua, who had escaped with his sister, Lissette, during the dream battle) appeared and, after some negotiation led the party through the rooms of black mirrors into a, seemingly endless, hallway. The hallway turned out to be an illusion that honored Torog that Wil discovered could be negotiated by crawling. Finally the party found out who was responsible for the horrors in the Blackwater Mines. In a great room they found Arioch Greyhand and a wraith standing behind a pit of undead with Kaleb Brighthammer and two young girls being held prisoner. Recent cracks in the obsidian walls allowed water from the Godspringto rush into the room. The party briefly spoke with Arioch, who halfheartedly, attempted to convert them. The “services” ended abruptly as the party attacked Arioch and his minions. Swarms of undead victims climbed from the pit to engage the heroes while Arioch and his wraiths attacked. Despite the parties fatigue they overcame the evil creatures and quickly brought Arioch to within inches of death. As his superior attitude rapidly switched to one of fear, he bargained his life for the life of one of the young girls. Despite Gloin’s battle fervor, his noble instincts kept him level headed and he allowed Arioch to flee into a hidden portal thus, saving the life of an innocent and knowing that the party might still be able to catch him . As Arioch fled, he proclaimed to the party in a whimpering and fear ridden voice, “You’d be fools to try and follow. Torog’s minions will devour you.” Many of the party members, undaunted by the coward’s words, moved into the darkness to fearlessly pursue Arioch while the others saw to the safety of the prisoners.


Blackwatch Blackwatch

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