The Dawn of the Blackwatch

Game 6: Defenders of Blackwater

Hold the Greenbridge

XP: 465

As the party looked upon the three prong assault they realized that the “Scutter Chain” was the most immediate need as well as the one they could most effect. Turning their backs to the long ships assaulting the Blackrock Bight and the demon assaulting the The Greenbridge, they moved to the entrance of the lighthouse. As usual Gloin was the first through the door and he was immediately attacked. Due to Gloin’s imposing presence the raider could barely keep hold of his huge axe, never mind score a hit upon the dwarf. As the rest of the party moved in another enemy moved to strike and despite the knife wielding raider’s ability to move unimpeded through the heroes he suffered far greater wounds then he inflicted. The skirmish was brief and the party was successful in raising the Scutter Chain and securing Blessing Bay from the majority of the pirates’ vessels.

Emerging from the lighthouse, the heroes watched as dozens of pirate ships were lost to the Scutter Chain or the surrounding cliffs. Below them Brother Grendel Darkmoor and The Fish Mongers with the aid of enormous water elementals were easily defending Blackrock Bight from the smaller long ships and the pirates that manned them. As the thunder continued to boom lightening crashed all around Blackwater and appeared to be drawn to the battle on the Greenbridge. Drawn to the form of Amon Trask who channeled it towards the demon he battled. As the lightening struck the demon the illumination was bright enough to reveal the Greenbridge, itself, crackling with the power of Melora’s storm as it also channeled the magics at the demon. The party watched the demon’s flames diminish as it staggered back to the edge of the bridge. Just as it appeared to regain it’s balance, the Knight of The Greenbridge leapt at the demon and drove both of his blades into the evil creatures chest. With another scream from the abyss it toppled over the side of the Greenbridge but, to the heroes horror, the demon’s enormous claws grabbed hold of Amon Trask and dragged him over the edge as well. It was as if a brief calm, perhaps the eye of the storm, passed through Blackwater. It only lasted a moment and then the humanoids on the Downbridge side began to move forward onto the Greenbridge and into “The Proper”.

The party immediately set off to aid in the defense of the town. As they passed through the Proper they witnessed several small skirmishes as the people of Blackwater defended their homes. They watched as Bertram Hale and Jeremy “Brokensong” finished off a large troll outside of Vain Robert’s Gibbet. As they approached the The Godspring in the center of the Proper they witnessed the legendary strength of Kaleb Brighthammer as he all but snapped a hobgoblin warrior of his knee while his daughter, Cassandra Brighthammer cleaved through goblins with her axe.

When the heroes arrived at the bridge, much to their surprise, Amon Trask appeared from below the bridge being carried by what appeared to be an air elemental. As he set foot on the bridge a slight calm came over the area. Amon Trask addressed the party and asked them to take up the mantle of Knights of the Greenbridge and swear to defend the bridge. The party also pledged that once they set foot on the Greenbridge after dusk they would not leave until dawn. The heroes agreed to the responsibility and took a knee on the bridge as Amon told them, “If the need is great, kneel and take from the Greenbridge. If the need is dire kneel and give to the Greenbridge. The need is great.” With that the party members felt energy surge through them from the bridge, the Godstream, and the plants growing upon the bridge. They were aware of the many different forces all entwined together all serving the Greenbridge. The storm raging around them was no longer a hindrance. Instead it was part of the bridge. Those attacking Blackwater would be harried by the storm but those protecting the town would not. Even though the force included a goblin hexer, 2 Acolytes of Maglubiyet, a troll, as well as several warriors the heroes charged and their sudden onslaught swept the goblins off the bridge with minimal effort. Amon informed the party that he needed to perform a ritual and that the defense of the bridge was now their responsibility. He then sat in the middle of the Godspring and began to chant.

Moments later a force of Hobgoblins began their assault on the bridge. The group once again handled the threat before them with brutal efficiency and even though Amon received a wound to his head, the ritual was not disturbed.

The party stands on the Greenbridge trying to catch their breath even as more humanoid shapes begin making their way to the opposite side. As they begin to prepare for the next onslaught, Thorfin strides onto the bridge, “There are still small skirmishes taking place throughout Blackwater but the townspeople are truly an impressive lot. I felt that defending the Greenbridge is where I should be. What is Amon…..”

Thorfin’s words are cut off by the howls of beasts, obviously approaching the bridge. Avrenniath immediately transforms into a wolf and answers with his own howl. The fur on his back stands straight despite the weight of the rain upon it. Amon continues to chant and suddenly a huge wolf surrounded by flames leaps onto the bridge and howls, flames spewing forth from it’s jaws. As if it were a personal challenge Avrennieth bounds forward and crashes into the wolf, jaws snapping at the larger creature’s neck. The two fight viciously as they roll around the bridge, a mass of fur, claws, teeth, blood, and flames. Even as the rest of the party moves to help, the ferocious duel moves to the edge of the bridge. It is obvious that Avrennieth is outmatched by the hellish beast but his keen ears have picked up on the sounds of more beasts approaching. He realizes that the creature must be neutralized. The wolf pounces at Avrennieth and to the surprise and shock of all but the elf, Avrennieth leaps backwards clamping onto his attacker’s throat and, using it’s momentum, sends them both plummeting off the side of the Greenbridge.

The party stands staring, trying to see any sign of Avrennieth through the storm. But they have little time to hope. The rest of the beasts arrive at the bridge and the Knights of the Greenbridge move to stand against an evil that they know threatens more than just their lives. An evil that is committed to some greater, unknown purpose.Wolffight


Blackwatch Blackwatch

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